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A male in their 40's that must have 2 of the following traits,

1. Must be missing at least 2 teeth(one must be in the front).
2. Does not have to don a mullet.
3. Facial hair must be present(hair should not be trimmed since highschool).
4. Has either owned/operate a meth lab.
5. Tattos on neck/head.
6. Has a permanent tan.
7. Works for some type of construction company in Pa. Prefers the masonry/concrete field.
Shawn "Dude I was at Wal-mart last night and there was this gnarly mother in line buying some sudafed."
Brett "He was probably smurphing for the season."
by The Darb June 06, 2009
When a man gives oral to another man,takes his seman and spits it all over his stomach/chest.
I heard Bill gave the boss a San Francisco snowblower to keep his job.
by The Darb June 03, 2009

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