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1) The name of the largest concentration camp in WWII

2) Used to describe a place where someone lives, which is in really bad condition.
Dude, I visited John's new apartment yesterday...what a shitty place..it was totally Auschwitz.
by The Crimson King June 05, 2005
A chinese martial arts champion.
Kwanks can almost fly, they can jump from any size and make no sound when they land. They can destroy a whole army just using their fists. Their greatest power is that they can shoot nuts from their hands and hit whatever they want totally accurate.

Since they are so good, they don't have to care about anything. If anyone messes with them, they are soon to be six feet under.
Kwank don't give a shit about the great barrier reef
by The Crimson King April 25, 2005
The time you just HAVE to go and take a pis, after delaying it for a long time because you were doing something important.

At the wilting point its easy to get injured since you run fast towards the toilet with your hands on your crotch and your eyes at the floor. Many people at the wilting point have broken a toe as they hit an oven or something on their way to the toilet
"this movie is damn good, but I really have to pis...but I can't go now or I'll miss the cool scene"

*15 minutes later*


by The Crimson King April 15, 2005
A wild nightclub that is totally radical. There are free drinks and the hot women are really into the game here. The Cuesta can be found in any bedrock hill, but its entrance is often well hidden.
Dude, I got totally wasted at the Cuesta - But it was worth it
by The Crimson King April 01, 2005

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