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The act of making an erect penis flaccid or even go inwards, mostly by showing shocking, gross and/or gory pictures or vidoes. This is called the psychic de-erection. A psychic de-erection can actually be caused by basically anything as long as the person looses his erection from the picture, sound, thought, or non-physical influence.

De-erecting a penis can also be performed physically by smacking the gland hard with the palm of ones hand. A myth shown in movies says that this act is usually done by smoking hot nurses. Though, it is usually done by either a man or a fatty nurse named Ursula.

Another myth says that a physical de-erection is very painful, and that is indeed true.
Oh my god, last night Brad showed me this video called "2 guys 1 horse." My penis totally de-erected!

That fat chick last night totally gave me a de-erection!

"Did you hear that Simon went to the doctor last night?", Said Rick. Jane looked shocked. "How come?", she said. "He just got a de-erection, no big deal"
by The Crazy Madman November 01, 2011
A fetus that has miraculously transferred to the anal intestinal, thus being able to give birth to the baby through the anus. This happens once in 32 trillions, though it hasn't happened or at least noted in the anthropological history.

In the 21st century the word evolved into a slang for having a huge amount of excrement in the rectum, and therefore having the need to dispose it in the nearest future.
"I had to shit so bad, i felt like i had an anus fetus!"

"Some history books say that Jesus himself was in fact an anus fetus!"
by The Crazy Madman November 04, 2011
A mix of several fastfoods, mainly pizza and burgers (hence burzza). This is created by visiting lots of fast-food restaurants and buying lots of things. A burzza may contain other things, such as nuggets, meatsauce and extra cheese.
"So, what have you been doing this weekend?" says Tim.
"My and some friends spend all of our cash making a burzza"
by The Crazy Madman November 27, 2011
A specific facial expression caused by the insertion of a penis or another firm and long object. Rumours says that the anal face of a person is as unique as their own finger prints, if not even more.

Many people of the younger generation have agreed that the decision whether they are to keep their girlfriend or not is determined by their anal face.

Science has shown that there is in fact a certain muscle that gets tingled when insertion happens. This muscle flexes and the anal face appears. The strength of this muscle differs from person to person.

Not only women posses the anal face.
"I was with Jessy last night. I saw her anal face for the first time. Beautiful"

"Kim's anal face is seriously terrifying. I liked her so much, but i have to leave her now"

"I saw her anal face last night. It totally caused my penis to de-erect"
by The Crazy Madman November 01, 2011
A person who takes ridiculously many notes and memos during class.
"Take a look at Thomas over there, he's such a memo faggot!"

"The new student suddenly got shunned when the others found out he was a memo faggot"
by The Crazy Madman December 05, 2011

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