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3 definitions by The Coondog

A cucumber-like vegetable from the BFG, unfortunately the only thing he can eat, because he refuses to eat "human beans".
Sophie thought the snozzcumber tasted terrible, to get a better idea, read the book. Its well worth your while.
by The Coondog October 20, 2006
1) Any time a penis is particularly floppy, such as a few minutes after a good shag session.

2) A lazy person, especially someone who's always on the couch.

3) A pujorative term to describe someting that is floppy or more floppy than it should be.

1)Man, I just shagged Sarah hard for almost two hours, Ive got the worst flopcock Ive ever seen.

2)Ian wont even got off the couch to take a shit, what a flop-cock.

3)Man, those new springs I put in the truck are WAY better, especially after riding around on those old flop-cocks for three years.
by The Coondog October 20, 2006
Abbreviation for Deuce Bomb. A particularly stinky fart, the type that generally forces you (at least I should certainly hope anyways...) to change your droors. Possibly the most rude fart to let go in the company of others.
I cant stand your grandma, every time we take her anywhere in the car she starts dropping D-Bombs all Lancaster style.
by The Coondog October 20, 2006