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P= peace
L= love
U= unity
R= respect
it started up in the rave scene/culture. dj frankie bones was believed to have started PLUR after a fight started while his was deejayin. he said "If you don't start showing some peace, love, and unity, I'll break your fucking faces." then respect was added to it in a discussion in a rave newsgroup(alt.music.rave)
its also mainly used on rave sites and stuff like gs.c(glowsticking.com) cauz u wouldnt say PLUR in real life but u would say peace love unity and respect.

it is also sometihng that ppl/ravers live by. it has a good meaning that should be used everywhere i reckon
do u PLUR?
man show some PLUR....
PLUR is the way to live by

by The Conspiracy May 26, 2006
cyalume is just the brand name of a glowstick that the company, omniglow makes. its also one of the best glowsticks out there that are very bright
hey do you have any cyalume sticks?
by The Conspiracy May 27, 2006
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