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Wearing a shirt but no pants.
I was Porky Pigging around the apartment because it was hot and I chafe easily. My roommate walked in - I still can't shake the look in his eyes.
#peter pantsless #bottomless #porky piggin #streaking #mooning
by The Commodore August 26, 2008

A tits-to-toenails full-body hug that lingers a bit too long,hinting at latent sexual attraction, extreme perversion, or some combination of the two.
Ugh, I just got the slow roast from Father O'Malley.


We talked all night, and she seemed into me, so i slow-raosted Bart's mom.
#hug #love #squeeze #grope #cuddle #snuggle
by The Commodore June 22, 2007
(sweater over fat ass)
Article of clothing a woman ties around her waist to conceal her corpulent buttocks.
I thought she was fly until she took off her S.O.F.A. when she got hot.
#ghetto booty #pygobombe #fat ass #badunkadunk #trunk
by The Commodore August 26, 2008
Turning off the alarm clock and resuming snoozing, risking not waking up for an important task.
I had 45 minutes of unprotected sleep. Got fired, but it was worth it.
#snoozing #napping #sleeping in #dozing off #catching zs
by The Commodore August 26, 2008

A contemporary style of dance where emaciated suburbanites with mood disorders sway back and forth to music that sounds like a billy goat doing a poetry reading over a funeral dirge.
I swear to Flying Spaghetti Monster, the next guy I see emowobble to Bright Eyes is going to get a mouthful of angry.
#emo #poser #scene kid #hipster #scenester
by The Commodore June 22, 2007

1)A very unattractive female.

2)A slang term for 'moose' in parts of New England and Canada.

3)A person at a party whose alcoholism and self-loathing climax in a rampage of solo mosh dancing, belligerent taunts, and a thin veneer of sweat, saliva, and vomit.
1) John tried to fix me up with a his swamp donkey cousin, I was drunk and desperate enough yet smart enough to do it Coyote Style.

2) I decided to ignore the swamp donkey crossing sign during their mating season... the Abercrombie beast climbed on top of my car and wrecked it with humping motions.

3)Sorry I was such a swamp donkey last night, but could you please bail me out of jail?
#moose #fugly #drunk #alcoholic #unattractive
by The Commodore June 21, 2007
The drink that pushes you over the edge from tipsy-but-in-control to you're-screwed-tomorrow.
I figured, 'What harm could one more Stella do?' Turned out it was my pint of no return.
#a shot too many #last one #lights out #smashed #hammered
by The Commodore August 26, 2008
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