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1 definition by The Collective voice of the SAS class of 2004 and

School For Advanced Studies, Miami, FL, USA

My high school, and quite possibly the best public school program ever.

Home of the r0x0rs.

-- SAS Alma Mater --

Here at SAS we spend our days,
Talkin' shit, enjoyin' hochays
If for some reason you are not here,
Join us now and grab a beer.
Get free credits, skip all class,
Copy homework, and toke grass!
SAS rocks the fucking planet.

Aardvark #1: Damn, over there at SAS, i just get high most of the days and pass with A's.

Aardvark #2: No joke, that's what we all do.

Narrative Aardvark: I would like to note that they are talking about getting high because they are Aardvarks, NOT because they are students at SAS.
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