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When one finds a mixture of beer/throw up/miscellaneous party-related liquids clogging the drain of a sink, tub, or filling any kind of container found the morning after a party; this is known as party stew. The more unnatural the color of the stew, the more authentic it is considered. Often the result of the culprit mistaking the bathroom sink for the toilet.
I stumbled into my bathroom to brush my teeth this morning after a wild Friday night, and the entire hallway smelled absolutely awful. I soon noticed that the bathroom sink was filled to the brim with some bona fide party stew. The argument between those present over who had to dispose of it raged on for days.

The cafeteria tried to sell their cabbage and beef chowder as something worth trying, but we all know its probably just some party stew from the chefs' holiday soiree.
by The Cole Patrol November 28, 2009

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