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A Tri-Gasm is actually an expert sex technique in which a female has all three of her erogenous zones stimulated at once. This is done when a female's partner inserts two fingers into her pussy and taps or rubs her G-spot. This area is a spongy mass that is inside of her and just above the opening of her pussy lips. The female's partner continues to do this as they begin to pleasure her clit with their tongue. While continuing to use the fingers to stimulate the G-spot and feasting on her clit, the female's partner uses their freehand and inserts a finger into her asshole(lubricating the finger will make it much more comfortable for the female). A female can achieve orgasm from individual stimulation to any of the three erogenous zones(G-spot, Clit, or Anal), the goal of the tri-gasm is to use the perfect rhythm to have all three of the female's erogenous zones orgasm simultaneously and provide her with a mind blowing, earth shattering orgasm.
My boyfriend spiced things up last night and did something he calls a tri-gasm, I had the most incredible orgasm of my life.
by The Cocksmith August 27, 2008
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