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Quite possibly the most mentally challenged individuals on the planet. They are a white supremisit extremist group who don't seem to understand the subtle differences between a demon from the 5th layer of Dante's hell and a perfectly fine gentleman/woman with a skin pigmentation. Also they are fantastic bakers.
John: I don't see how the KKK could beleive that!

Jill: They are so ignorant, but this brownie is deliscous!
by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011
A perfect example of the problems facing modern society, Justin Bieber should be thrown down an inescapable hole in the ground containing the world's supply of paedophiles. This will eliminate two problems at once. No longer will the earth be plagued by this, what I strongly suspect is the often unheard true first horseman of the apocalypse - Bieber feaver. While sating the urges of otherwise dangerous people, and since Justin Bieber will never hit puberty, he will be a continuing source of satisfaction for them until such a time that eugenics can rid the world of "the Paedo gene". Or we could kill him.
Justin Bieber: (inaudible high pitch screeching)

8 year old girl: YEEEEYYY! Be my first Justin!
Normal person: God, where's the Taliban when you need

by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011
A city in what is obviously "God's favourite" country and Allah's third least favourite (behind Texas and Andorra) where a large number of rather smug individuals seem to live who designate it the world's greatest city despite probably not having visited all the rest of the human cities in the world (or any ant cities or the single sheep populated city in New Zealand). Fucking douche-bags.
John: Oh yeah Seattle's the best!
Sean the sheep: Well have you even visited New Zimbaaabwe?
by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011
No one stereotype can define an entire people, in every country (except Scotland- the lary bastards) there are good, bad, stupid and intelligent. It is believed that the majority of Americans are retarded, fat fuckers with the negotiation skills of a landmine. Now this may be true for 79% of the population, but lots of them are caring, free loving people who want nothing but peace - these are the hippies. Useless layabouts who try to re-invent the corrupt system of the human world into what is essentially the same thing but only ever manage to achieve a severe sense of smugness, and a drug induced state of euphoria which they likely won't remember. Most Americans like to consider themselves international do-gooders and world leaders in ethics with such organisations as the KKK and NAMBLA. In response to the English's comments concerning their language and culture, they refer to themselves as the best parts of the world put together (like a sausage), and insist their variant is the correct, despite it being called ENGLISH. Rather than a sausage, a more accurate representation of the home of the retard with a superiority complex and land of ignorant narcissists, would be the creature of a Mary Shelley novel. I would bet that at least 85% of Americans would have to research that last reference to understand it. :) Ya gotta love 'em!
Me: .......would be the creature of a Mary Shelley novel,
American: What in the name of the sweet Jesus Christ every

bodies lord does novel mean?
by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011

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