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Parma, Ohio is a southwest suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, which has been known for decades as being extremely racist. The federal government actually sued the city over blatant discriminatory housing practices. At a city council meeting in the ‘70’s, a former Parma City Council President famously said, "I do not want Negroes in the city of Parma,” It is not uncommon to hear of a reported cross burning or other hate crime that the white residents employ to keep the blacks out of Parma. This tactic does work, as Parma’s black population is less than 2%. Black motorists will drive out of their way to avoid Parma because if you have so much as one light out, the Parma Police will shake you down. If you are a black motorist and you plan to drive through Parma, you need to have your automobile in perfect working condition, turn off the thump in the trunk, obey all traffic laws, and most importantly, leave your weapons, that bag of weed, rocks or blow and all paraphernalia at home.
Yo Man, better stop an get some gas cuase we show the fuck aint gonna be driving through Parma Ohio. Axe any of da brothers, Parma aint no place for to be foe me!
by The CLE Steamer May 09, 2009
There are many facets to Driving Like a Nigger. Generaly, all over the road with total disregard for traffic laws, use of turn signals, speed limits, signage, (particularly, no parking signs), and of course, the lack seat belt use. (In most cases, with rap music thumping). Driving Like a Nigger can also apply to coming to a complete stop on a narrow residential inner city street, totaly plugging up traffic to bullshit with a bro, pick up a hoe, buy or sell crack, etc. etc. etc. Driving Like a Nigger can also be defined as positioning the drivers seat so it appears to be non existant to passerbys, and of course to sit on that reclined seat in the Detroit Lean position, one hand on the wheel, the other hand on their crotch.
Man 1:Jesus Christ, did you see that spook cut across all six lanes of traffic without signaling or even looking? Man 2: Fuck yea, he's driving like a Nigger!
by The CLE Steamer May 09, 2009
A plastic container that a truck driver pisses into inside the cab of his truck during daylight hours to be later pitched out usually on the side of the road. This practice has come about by the increasingly strict laws about indecent exposure. Years ago if a truck driver got caught pissing on the side of the road by the Po po, he was given a ticket, end of story. But now if convicted of indecent exposure, you must register as a sexual predator where you live. Much safer to piss in a wide mouth bottle and a whole lot legally less complicated.
Billy Bob Big Rigger builds a trucker bomb every day on his run though Ohio. After dark when the bottle is full, out the window it goes to be later detonated by the poor dick that has to mow the shoulder.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
When you are caught unexpectedly in a predicament in which you have no immediate solution, or no tools to do the job, you are caught standing with only your DICK IN YOUR HAND.
When Melvin blew the tire, he opened the trunk only to find the jack gone and the spare flat. I told him "You probably looked stupid standing there on the side of the road with only your DICK IN YOUR HAND"!
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
A Blue Collar term for fucking off on the job. More specifically, taking much longer to complete a work assignment than the company or boss expects should be spent on it. Dicking the Dog Poking the Pooch can effectively be used as a tool to create overtime in which the employee is paid one and one half times the hourly rate.
Man 1: Old Joe sure is Dicking the Dog today. Man 2: Yea he sure the fuck is, must have a car payment or something due cause he's gonna run that job into overtime.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
A Cleveland Dry Dock is accomplished by entering someone else's bathroom, bending down and turning the water supply to the toilet off, flushing to drain the remaining water in the tank, then proceding to leave a huge Steamer in the bowl. Always use the Carpenters Cut or drop a Hydraulic Shit so the need for toilet paper is eliminated thus displaying your work of art without toilet paper covering it so the owner of the shitter will have to come face to face with your masterpiece to turn the water supply back on.
Dude, I stopped at my Ex Wife's house to drop the kids off and left her a Cleveland Dry Dock in her half bath.
by The CLE Steamer May 10, 2009
When trapped in an office with a terrible case of the farts, one gets up and does a couple of laps around the office perimeter, slowly and quietly squeezing off a continuous ass rip so as to allude to merely stretching your legs while in reality you are letting off some sever bung hole pressure.
If that fucking Lenny walks by my desk one more time doing the Cleveland Crop Duster, I’m going to kick him in the balls!
by The CLE Steamer May 12, 2009
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