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An angsty teenager who feels that there is so much emotional pain that the only way to let it out is to take a razor or butterknife to their wrist, in hopes that people who don't know them are to notice and possibly feel a bit of sympathy. Emo kids are often characterized by black eye-liner or scars on wrists and arms.
More so, they feel that they have a creative side, and attempt to write deep, thoughtful lyrics about scenarios that have absolutely nothing to do with their real life sitiutation. Most often; these lyrics are strongly inspired by other hollow, apathetic nobodies trying to fit into the same "scene" as themselves.
In personal oppinion, if somebody is emotional, they have no need to try to act or dress a certain why to show that they are.
Emo Max and roughly ninetyseven percent of the kids on myspace could be labelled as an Emo Kid.

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