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4 definitions by The Br00talzz

the americans had 8 years of untamed bush. they finnaly shaved.
Man 1: Dude we finally shaved our bush


George w bush: hehe, i bombed shit!
by The Br00talzz March 03, 2009
when you invite a dude to your house then put peanut butter on his bung then dipp your tungue in it...again...and again...and again.
Man 1: dude, my bung reeks of peanut butter cause i did a St. Anns Bung Dipper last night.

Man 2:I think mine permanently smells like it cause i do it so much.

Man 3: MMMM!!! I can smell it from here!!!
by The Br00talzz March 02, 2009
A german twizleris when a german or german looking man takes a swirly and very uncomftorable poo, then forces his sex partner to eat it as she/he would a twizler.
Man 1: Wow i made my gf eat a german twizler yesterday.

Man 2: Wow! i ate one yesterday!

Awkward pause...

Man 1: Dude, thats just wrong. I can smell it in your breath...

Man 3: MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE!!!
by The Br00talzz March 03, 2009
Braidin and Marc
Someone who is hardcore.

Someone who is mega awsome.

Man Braidin and Marc are br00tal as shit!!

I wish i was as br00tal as Braidin and Marc!
by The br00talzz February 20, 2009