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A public high school in Kirksville, northeastern Missouri, notoriously home of various celebrities such as the vice principal, The Penguin, and several teachers borne of the DNA of Medusa who were produced in the school's scientific research facility on the south wing, added in 2010. The ~800 students at Kirksville High School have a familial average annual income of $120,000, but when you remove outliers, this number drops to $550.
The Penguin - "HEH HEH HEH. Welcome to my lair, the Kirksville High School office. What have we here, Bats?"
Student - "What the fuck did you just say to me?"
#kirksville high school #kirksville #cricker #crickers #pajama pants #caucasian #tigers #senora lambert #cody king #sports #andy jackson #north park
by The Booz February 02, 2012
The de facto title of a series of Coors commercials from the early 2000's.
My buddies and I are really into identical twins, so a few times a week we throw some Twincest on my TiVo, crack open a Coors, and fill up 4 jumbo breast-sized water balloons a piece to smoosh in our collective faces.
#twins #incest #breasts #beer #pathetic #masturbation #imaginary
by The Booz June 28, 2011
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