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omleh is helmo spelt backward! and its kinda a joke fore the people that don't know they are being called a helmo...

helmo being an emphasis of helmet as in a bell end.
Moses: "Ki, why is barc such a omleh?"

Ki: "i don't know...BARC why are you such an omleh?"

Barc: "what do you meeeeeean?"

Moses & Ki: "haw haw"
by The Blaps May 17, 2007
A person that tries (and maybe succeeds) to chat up on someones date or girl they are trying it with.
Moses: Ki, u seen that bird over there i been trying it with her all night she's superb.

Ki: yeh man she's cool, but dave's over there trying it with her now!

Moses: shut up! He's such a Power walker !
by The Blaps May 17, 2007

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