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2 definitions by The Black Widow

n - one who is the epitome of men's desires and gives pleasure. She satisfies carnal fantasies. She is as comfortable in lace as she is in leather and has legs a mile long.
There she goes now. Damn, that is one awesome Elma!!!!!!
by The Black Widow May 03, 2007
n - one who has the ability to listen to what is not said and guide others to better understanding life and all its ups and downs.

n - one who gives her all to her friends and asks nothing in return. one who can be loyal, faithful and kind to some and a smart ass to others. one that knows the value of honesty, and gives it regardless of the cost.
1 - Don't mind her, she is just doing an elma, since I broke up with my partner.

2 - Omgs! I love her dearly, but she is such an elma. She didn't have to be THAT blunt about it!
by The Black Widow April 24, 2007