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2 definitions by The Big Mac Attack

At a house party, members of the house receive house cup. This automatically moves them to the front of the line for a keg. These cups are generally a different color or type than the regular cups given out.

Honorary house cups can be given out to close friends or people celebrating birthdays. There is generally a limit to the number of house cups each house member is allowed to give out in a night.
Because Jen is dating Danny she got a house cup, and was able to skip the long line for beer.
by The Big Mac Attack April 15, 2006
A person who flirts with one or more of the people in charge of a party, in order to get preffered treatment at the keg. The more brazen keg whores will even try to get a "house cup" (free beer).

Keg whores are considered to be the worst kind of a cock tease. Be wary of anyone flirting with you while you're running the keg.
Amy seemed interested in my last night, but Zack told me she's just a keg whore.
by The Big Mac Attack April 15, 2006