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2 definitions by The Big KC

Nickname for a boy or girl who one dreams of being with. He or she is perfect in all ways even past physically desires.

Something of love

The perfect person in your eyes who you would pick above anyone else.
John: Dude that girl is hot!
Sam: I know I've wanted to get with her for years, she's my sacred cow.
John: That's deep bru
by The Big KC April 18, 2011
19 9
A group of letters within a work strung together that is awkward or uncomfortable when voiced out.

The stresses within a word that is uncomfortable in nature and does not roll right when spoken alone.

(Cumber)some: awkward
Diction: word/phrase
Urban Dictionary ---> uRBan diCTionaRY --> RB, CT, RY

Facebook ---> none

Pennsylvania ---> penNS YLVania --> NS, YLV

Example ---> exaMPle --> MP

Transcontinental ---> traNScoNTineNTal --> NS, NT, NT

Cumberdiction ---> cuMBeRDiCTion --> MB, RD, CT

by The Big KC May 19, 2011
5 2