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A very large flamer whose only purpose in life is to annoy those around him, suck many men off, and be a mac deez in general. People such as this can be found all over the world but the worst case on record exists in Colorado. A Skinner is ofter characterized by mood swing ranging from pissy to horny for penis. Note: They have a tendancy to join gay organizations, such as fraternities dedicated to all-male gangbangs.
Damn, Skinner is such a tool.
by The Big Bad Wolf January 21, 2008
After All Legal Avenues have been tried and Fail... you just kill everyone involved

Reference to the 2013 Police Officer Murders By Christopher Dorner, Who was Fired from the Los Angles Police Department after reporting another officer for police brutality, for kicking a schizophrenic man in the Face and chest
Man, I was Like Fuck It... I'm going Dorner on their ass
by the big bad wolf December 09, 2013
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