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1) People in their 30's and 40's used to refer to themselves as 'having a geritol moment' after the vitamin supplement marketed to elderly people-implying that one isn't young and stupid, but feeling old and stupid in the face of new and previously unfamiliar developments-like new computers, cellphones, and any other new realities...we should re-popularize the 'geritol moment' phrase...as it may catch on with even much younger people in the future when new major technological developments will begin emerge around the world every 72 hours...I wasn't the first person under 50 to have a 'geritol moment' and I'm sure I won't be the last to feel confounded, confused, and exhausted, in this rather perplexing day and age of rapidly changing trends and quickly emerging developments.

2) It could also be used to refer to how one functions without an enabling object, such as not recognizing a friend on the street or being able to read a text-message without contact lenses or glasses.

3) And by now we can also refer to our older smart-tech devices as having geritol moments of their own when they become worn out or when their batteries are losing power.
1) "This new cellphone (or TV, entertainment system, computer, programing language, slang phrase, text-spelling, tax-form, air conditioner, car, website, workplace policy, daylight savings time, jet-lag, weapons system...etc) is so complicated and unfamiliar to me that I've been having alot of geritol moments with it this past week...it's confusing and exhausting."

2) "Sorry I didn't wave hello to you the other day, it's always a geritol moment when I'm not wearing my contact lenses. I didn't recognize alot of people at first that day."

3) "My computer was having one geritol moment too many and I had to get a new one-so now I'm having the geritol moments trying to get used to this new computer."
by The Ancient Web-Mariner March 23, 2010
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