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1 definition by The Americator

The greatest and president of our generation. A true hero that all Americans can be proud of. A president of conviction, bravery, dedication and honor. Thank you Mr.Bush... Thank you.
Question; Why do other countries not like Mr. Bush?

Answer: Other countries want a weaker America.

Question: Why do some Americans not like Mr. Bush?

Answer: These are the same people who do not take the time out of their day to look up and research what this man has done. It's the "Cool", "trendy", "hip", "in" thing to be a Bush hater with the kids right now, but when faced with the reality of the world in this day and age, even the college "New Age Hippies" can see why America has to, and always remain the stronget, greatest nation in the world.
by The Americator September 13, 2004