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Safty buzz

The amount of alcohol (or other substance) intake neccessary to provide a reason to try and make a move on someone. If this person is not receptive to the sexual advance, then he/she can later claim that it was the substance talking and not them. However, if he/she welcomes the advance, there is nothing to worry about.
I was on this date with this girl, and I wanted to hook up with her, but I wasn't sure if she was into me or not. However, I had my safety buzz on, so it was all good. ;-)
by The American Germanophile January 12, 2007
To be unemployed and collecting unemployment, welfare, SSI or other means of income from government. This is especially true if you are on unemployment, and obtaining benefits with no desire to try and find a new job. Instead, the time is used to do other things, like travel, chill, etc.
Man, I love funemployment
by The American Germanophile December 20, 2006
German in origin.

Scheisser = to shit, shit. Pronounced: shy-zer.

1.) Can be used to express upset or shock.

2.) A sexual perversion first recorded by the Russians, later made famous by the Germans. It is the act of taking a dump on someone, for the sole purpose of the recipient eating the shit.

In a usual case of a "Scheisser" a male takes a dump on a female, with the female smacking her mouth and lips in an anticipitory manner, to show her appreciation of the "gift". The man then takes a position approximatly 6 to 8 inches above the females' mouth, and proceeds to shit into the awaiting mouth.

The female then proceeds to eat the shit in front of her partner. Sometimes smearing across the face and lips will occur, and and offering is made to the person who gave the shit.

This is only true for solid shit. It is not the same for non-solid.

They similar to a Clevland steamer and Boston steamer, but with the exception being that the person being dumped on is required to eat it.
1.) Can be used in an exasperated tone Oh Scheisser! which means Oh shit.

2.) "Essen mein Scheisser!" "Okey - dokey!" Trans. "Eat my shit!", "Okey dokey!"

From South Park's movie, "Bigger, Longer and Uncut" The scene where it is discovered that Cartman's mom is a German Scheisser star.
by The American Germanophile April 18, 2006

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