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3 definitions by The Alyx of Troy

Tempory workhouse facility for retards. Occasionally sells home improvement supplies
I just got back from Lowe's; it's going to take me hours to get the drool and shit off my clothes.
by The Alyx of Troy September 22, 2007
29 15
A combination on snowballing and felching. For those not familiar with one or either terms, this essentially involves sucking the ejaculate from your partner's anus/vagina/insert orifice here and then passing it back and forth between your mouths.
Just when I though things couldn't get any kinkier, Justin pulled a snowfelch! That scoundrel!
by The Alyx of Troy October 07, 2007
6 0
Synonymous with Hell
I just spent fourteen hours straight at N.E.W. Kill me, please.
by The Alyx of Troy September 22, 2007
7 3