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1 definition by The All Knowing ShortBus

(Alternatively called "Teenie boppers" or "Prostitots")

A stereotype of 15 to 17 year old teen high school girls who, like their pastry counter-part, are frosted, flaky, and covered with sprinkles, and generally naive.

They Exhibit traits such as:
not having any sense of reality, not understanding the value of money, are easily distracted by shinny objects, are incapable of understanding government/politics, often talk without pauses when explaining their day or excited about something, they tend to scream and jump about whenever a celeb/singer is within 200 feet of them. A severe lack of rational/logical thinking capability and a similar inability to operate a motor vehicle within safe means.....
"I hate going to the mall on Friday's, just hundreds of pop-tarts wandering around blabbing about Hanna Montana"

"She's a pop-tart alright"
by The All Knowing ShortBus July 09, 2009