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a word that figuratively kills a conversation.
Henry: i hate school!

Freddi: truuuuuuu
Henry: yeah, it sucks...
Freddi: lol yeah
Henry: Alrighty.....

Henry: broo, convo-killer much?

#truuuu #lol #lol yeah #alright/alrighty #haha ok.
by The Adams Family April 16, 2010
to be shaken or stirred from a comment or event that someone has directed at you or someone else. Can be used in a tense where you put rattled with something that can be rattled.
i.e. you rattled my cage
Fabian: yo man, your a cheese ball
Ryan: yo man thats not cool, im slightly rattled
Fabian: yo, im sorry man... JOKES your a whore
Ryan: stop rattling my cage bro
#messed up #emotionally scarred #shaken #unstable #hurt #on the verge of tears
by The Adams Family March 05, 2010
noun used for people who are very fat and ugly and wear lots of makeup seemingly looking orange, can be used as a code word.
John: Yo dude, pumpkin's a bitch, she's so fugly.
Katie: Yeah I know, she also wears massive amounts of makeup so she looks like a pumpkin!
John: what a NOOB
#fugly #hag #mad die #whore #ogre
by The Adams Family March 05, 2010
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