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1. Verb: To places one's arm pointing dircelty infront of one's body. Then place one's other arm perpendicular to the previously set arm. Then "sawing" one's arm "bone" while proclaiming, "BONESAWWW!" (extra 'W's are necessary")
Motha fucker! I'm gonna fuck you up nigga! BONESAW BITCH! RIGHT UP YO BACK SIDE
by The Azn November 13, 2002
The one douchebag at a poker table that no one likes. They usually don't know how to play, so they usually go all in or bet really high so everyone folds. Eventually, though, they will lose due to someone having a good hand.
Guy 1: Dude, what the fuck, why do you always go all in you fucking douche?!

Guy 2: Thats just how I roll.

Guy 1: How you roll is a fucking faggot poker joker, bitch.
by The AZN February 01, 2013

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