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A person usually of great awesome. Socially awkward to the point of much love.

This person will always be a she. A one who loves to get her hair ripped out violently during any type of sexual act. Only one person of every amandyy will get her excitement just right. 6.79 over the :O face.

Treat amandyys fragile because even with all of her pot dealing and sexual frustrations, this girl has a heart of gold.
"Why is that girl with the awkward vibe screaming over there?"
"Oh. Well shes getting her hair ripped out"

Both: "Those damn Amandyys"
by The 1 to <3 March 02, 2010
A person preferably but can also be a thing. Lovable but threatening and can cause you to have withdraws. The withdraws you may accure are usually called topherculitus; wanting of the topher.

Topher is commonly also a persons name. A person of amazing and different qualities, rare.
"Oh my god"
"Did you see that Topher?"
"No, I cant believe I missed it!!"


"I miss topher"
"I know the feeling"
*faints on floor* "Sorry I am just suffering from topherculitus"
by The 1 to <3 March 02, 2010

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