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A human like creature from of Saudi Arabian origins. He indulges in general skullduggery and mischief and is also known to perform random Gangsta rap songs. His diet consits of egg shells and frog spawn
Hey Cryptor may I have a penny syre?
#cryptor #criptor #being #frog spawn #creature
by The Muthafuckin C-Dawg December 02, 2009
The act of punching a woman (or man) in the face during intercourse or other sexual actvities. Doing so is said to release a secret orgasm inside a man's brain similar to that which is released through prostate massage
I punched that Merwhore in the face last night and had an unbelievable punchgasm!
#punch #orgasm #pleasure #sexual #act
by The Muthafuckin C-Dawg July 29, 2010
A Caucasian man with light skin that tans to a dark complexion after 1 day in the sun. Mookie is a generic name of African origin that is assigned to a person with this skin type
Hey Mookie you just have to look at the sun and you turn black
#mookie #mooky #tan #dark #skin
by The Muthafuckin C-Dawg December 02, 2009
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