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The only girl in the world that gets me. She is a brown eyed brunette pisces and she has the most gorgous smile in the world. Her very essence has the strength to pull even the most depressed man outta his stupor and get back to his life. She is kinda a nerd sometimes and that's what makes her cute. She has an obsession with the ocean and any metaphor involving water she thinks is about her. She mostly listens to indie rock but you know she enjoys most music and will never deny the classics. She is quite literate and loves Stephen king though she's deep enough to appreciate most good works. She is the only girl that I can talk to about nothing all night and leave with the biggest smile on my face. She might be the love of my life but who am I to say. Although this probably won't get published if it does I want to say one thing, I Love You Riley-chan :)
there is no one else out there quite like Riley
by Thatonepiscesguy224 February 01, 2013

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