10 definitions by ThatGirl

Become overweight. Increased girth in stomach and butt areas. Lost any semblence of a decent figure.
"Dude, have you seen Miguel since he got that desk job? His ass has ex-pan-ded! He's gone pear-shaped!"
by thatgirl June 28, 2004
yet another word for the vaginal region
Jenn has a shaved po po
by thatgirl March 18, 2004
when your walking home and get curb crawled. when some scary person in a car slows down and drives at walking speed a few metres behind you. if you speed up, they speed up. and if you slow down they slow down. incredibly scary esp if your on your own.
"holy fuck, the cars still behind us guys! wtf are we gonna do!?"
by ThatGirl January 13, 2005
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