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1. A large carnivorous Dinosaur.
2. A three wheeled concept car.
3. A very good band from the early to mid 70s. Previously Tyrannosaurus Rex. Led by singer/songwriter, Marc Bolan.
3a; If you're from England: The band that was "bigger than the beatles" (as quoted by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr) and had lots of hit songs, starting the "Glam" genre.
3b; If you're from America: That one band that did "Bang A Gong (Get it on)".
1. T. Rex is almost unknown in the U.S.
2. You know, T. Rex, the band that Oasis ripped off on "Cigarettes & Alcohol".
#t. rex #t rex #t-rex #tyrannosaurus rex #marc bolan #the best band ever #dinosaur #melody #music #glam
by That one kid, jeff August 02, 2007
1. An emo kid.
2. A hardcore kid.
3. A kid who shops at Hot-Topic and wears t-shirts referring to cult classic movies such as "The Goonies" and bearing statements like "You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same". Other fashions include Doc Martin boots, chuck taylor sneakers, all black clothing with pointless zippers and straps, eyeliner, and trench-coats. These kids usally laugh at jokes that are not funny. Goonies usually listen to Emo, Screamo, Metal, New-Metal, Rap-Metal, Hardcore, and sometimes 'Classic Rock'. Their skin is usually incredibly pale because they never go outside.
1. You know that one goony, that likes Slipknot?
2. I saw some goonies under a tree at lunch.
#emo #goony #goonies #hardcore #kid #loser
by That one kid, jeff August 02, 2007
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