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A diet that focuses on banning carbs, contrary to popular belief no body knows if Atkins died of obesity like John Wayne was never even autopsied.
It is not a license to gorge Atkins once said.
Your heart may be buttery after this diet but its not like this diet permits 20 sticks of butter, a day might follow an omelet with cheese, ham ,and mushroom with a hearty chef salad for lunch then with a steak and tossed veggies. And berries are permitted sparingly with i must admit hearty fatty snacks time to time.

I'm surprised that most definitions that actually state the diet are made up of people who did not read the book, and it does not permit unlimited fatty food. This idea came from the fact this book permits cheese and meat which if you recall the 70's where made to look evil towards rice and pasta. The first 2 weeks only allow 30 net gram carbs then there is another phase which introduces whole grains back.
Nerd: lollol12l3l1 i ate 20 bucckets of lard today l123o12l3 im on a diet

Guy: I followed Atkins diet ,his guidelines and read the book i am prepared for the side effects and will not make my day of food be worth more than 20% saturated fat. But only have 30 carbs a day for a while.
by That guy who is here April 21, 2008

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