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1. The ultimate definition of male beauty.

2. A very sexy, yet slightly geeky guy.

3. A cutie-bum/baby-bum/sexy-bum.

4. A british male with a large bottom.
Daaamn, you as hot as an Alain!

That Alain just swept me off my feet!

I wish I could have an Alain like yours!
by That One Hottie February 03, 2010
1. A special (human) race of baboon's.

2. A terminator.

3. Someone with exquisite WoW skills.

4. A male with a sexy brother.
That's not a noob, he's so good he's gotta be a Doon at least!

Daamn, I want to meet that Doon's brother!
by That One Hottie February 03, 2010
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