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A comedian on a show called 'Mind of Mencia' on Comedy Central. He tries to be offensive by being all racist all the time. Woo. He's so bad. There are three reactions to his comedy:

1. People who applaud him for his 'refreshing political incorrectness' and say how stupid people are who are offended by him.

2. People who are offended, not realizing that's what he's relying on in the first place. Tard. Also falling under this category; so-called patriot fanatics who protect the USA without realizing it hasn't really been attacked in the first place.

3. People who despise him, because he calls himself edgy and talks about how many people hate him. Generally, sensible people.
Person 1: "On Mind of Mencia last night, Carlos Mencia said that black people were lazy and Mexican people cross the border! It was so funny!!"

Person 2: "Oh my god. That pisses me off so much. I know for a fact that not all black people are lazy. I have a few good black co-workers! Also, that bitch is anti-American! I should kick his ass!"

Person 3: "Wake up. You're both tards."
by That Fuzz April 24, 2006

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