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1 definition by That Commodore station wagon that no-one likes

Possible the crappest car site known to man. People with crap cars meet to talk crap about their crap cars, barring the minority who actually having bragging rights.

For example, Pintara's arent cool, yet they are accepted, this goes to show what kind of a retarded community this is.

Cruises also licks balls, and they dont help anyone, infact most drivers hate them, because they know those people having nothing better to do with their time than drive around in cars that look like someone took a shit on it and then added some dodgey gloss effect.

I go to boost cruising even though I dont have a car that has boost, nor have I been on a cruise. Lets photoshop bigger rims onto my Civic GLi or 4 Door Skyline because the job I work at McDonalds doesn't give me enough money to move out of my parents home and buy a decent set of rims
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