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An individual who dislikes being like everybody else, likes to listen to music either sad or happy. Not all of them like Hawthorne Heights, and not all of them cut themselves, most are very happy. Most emo kids are people who might get worked up over things that arent a big deal, and don't always wear black. This is a very high rumor people are hearing and emo kids do NOT think of suicide. They are against pop culture, and popularity. Most emo kids are not popular, emo kids have good friends and talk all the time with them. They are goths that are too good to be goth, they like to write poetry or even knit there own scarves or clothes in spare time. Most emo kids lke to learn how to play guitar, and own a pair of chucks, besides chucks, emo kids dress the way they want to, and dont care what others think.
That emo kid was talking about her hate for popularity.
by That Camera Kid April 27, 2006

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