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2 definitions by Tharmas Erthona

necrofist (nek-ruh-fist) noun
The act of killing someone through fist-fucking.
necrofisting verb
To describe in present tense the act of necrofist.
Although he orgasmed better than he ever had, Ned had not meant to necrofist the poor girl, especially now that he had to do something with her pale corpulent body.
by Tharmas Erthona August 31, 2007
1. ram-fuck (ræm-fuhk) verb
The sudden and forceful act of violently rapid sexual intercourse initiated by a human male on a willing yet non-sexually aroused, non lubricated human female, due to the sudden onset of the act and the total absence of any form of foreplay or stimulation. The man must force his penis into the female’s vagina without the aid of natural lubricant: although painful for both the male and the female (often leading to abrasion of the facing skin on the respective sexual organs), driven by sexual passion the male continues to vigorously thrust his sexual organ into the females non lubricated vagina until male ejaculation provides the first form of lubrication: at which point the interaction becomes just sexual intercourse.

2.(alt def) Sometimes incorrectly used to describe violent, painful fisting, either vaginally or anally for the sadistic pleasure of the 'fister' who derives pleasure from the extreme pain he is inducing in the 'fistee'. The correct term for this is 'ram-fisting', or 'ram fist-fucking'. Conversely, the act of trying to kill someone by the act of fist-fucking is called 'necrofisting'.

etymology: from OME rammen: to thrust, and the LATIN fvccant.
Julie-Ann liked the way Bill sometimes would ram-fuck her on the kitchen table because it made her feel as though he really loved her; what she didn't like was the soreness that lingered for days afterwards that told her she had tears in her cunt walls and made her more susceptible to contracting a venereal disease when they gang-banged her at work since none of those guys ever wore condoms.
by Tharmas Erthona August 31, 2007