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1 - (adj.) Unexpectedly or disappointingly "gay" in the pejorative sense. Requiring a surprisingly large amount of attention or mental energy on account of being disappointing or lacking in explainable heterosexual motives.

2 - (n.) A person who is exhibiting the behavior of a stereotypical homosexual person out of context or despite being heterosexual.

3 - (n.) An insulting alternative name for any close friend. well-know acquaintance, or enemy who is behaving in uncharacteristically prissy ways.
def. 1 - This fagface meal is making me feel nauseous.

def. 2 - Look at Debbie's husband's casual, limp-wristed pose. He's such a fagface.

def. 3 - Stop messing around with my sister's perfume, fagface!
by Thaddeus Grahm January 01, 2011

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