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50 Cent is a bitch ass rapper thats skill and street cred is less that chingys.
Thinks he can fuck with kiss or nas
Nas raped jay-z in 3 holes on ether
Jadakiss has hotter lyrics than just about 100% of the artists on MTV (i.e. 50, CHINGy, nelly etc.)
THat dumb ass nigga brotha lynch that made a definition of 50 cent is fucking retarded.
Niggas can't talk shit bout kiss, styles etc. deez niggas is hard as a fuckin nail. If Eazy, Pac, big were still here 50 cocks wouldn't be here singing faggot songs like candy shop. What kinda fuckin name is pIggy bank. Nigga had 2 get shot nine times 2 get rich..... pitiful. LaSt thing.. I dont give a fuck how many records 50 has sold. PEOPLE 50 CANT MAKE REAL RHYMES, ITS DRE BEATS if dre was producing jada's shit nigga would of sold 22 mil.
Half Way Down Tha Block/ ill shoot ya girl in the head when she half way down mah cock-styles

yo yo yo yo yo yo
Think bout when I splatter ya mask(yea)
My niggas is happy, ya momma is sad
If ya niggas is riders, the drama will last
If ya niggas is snitch, been judgin my ass
They said I'm too famous to run
So when I empty out this clip, I'm changin the gun
The realer the beef, the longer the clip
Murder ya mans, I'm gone in the mist
Call this girl after dark so we talked the bitch
We aint care cause the whore wasnt shit
Dogg, I aint takin the L or waistin a shell
I bring the heat like I'm satan himself
Fuck if you hard, fuck if you soft, long as you lost
Dick in the dirt, shit in ya drawers
Ill make ya grandmother get on the floor
Tie you up, then beat you to a pulp, say that this is a war
If'n the four, mackin a pump, actin I dump
Throw you out the window then act like you jump
-kiss from show discipline

show u how 2 leave a room flat 20 niggas dead no money no jewels bullets in they head-styles

went from jaz to hangin with kane to herb to big and eminem murdered u on ya own shit, u a dick ridin faggot u love the attention, queens niggas run ya niggas, ask russell simmons-Nas
by ThaWestsideRuffRyder May 14, 2005

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