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The greatest city on earth. We're kinda the West, we're kinda the North, but we're more MidWest. The women are hot, the people are nice, the food is good, and sometimes the (not usually) Vikings and Twins kick ass. Yeah we're not as famous as Chicago or Detroit, we're one of the most dangerous cities in America, and yeah, you most definetly will not see celebrities on a day to day basis but we are still the shit. And we're still better than like: Colombus, Ohio.
Minneapolis person: Sup homie! Howya doin! Want a beer? Want some money? Its all guud!

Colombus person: You're not as good as Detroit, you're a wannabe!

Minneapolis person: Bitch ass! what the fuck you say bitch? Huh you little fuck? Me and my bitches gonna come fuck you up bitch? We gonna burn down yo stupid ass city dibshit. Then we're gonna go with our lady friends cuz we're from Minneapolis.
by ThaPrinceOfPersia June 14, 2011

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