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Adj., a sarcastic exclamation or modifier combining the negative connotation of "cunt" with the positive connotation of "fantastic" as such.
Adv., cuntastically
Alt: Cunt-tastic
Broseph: Your new bitch is cuntastic, brah. She's got DDs and a presentable mug but damn, her personality is irredeemable.
Bromine: She's a piece of ass, but I'll never get out; she knows about our circle-jerk parties and is leveraging that to keep me at bay.
Broseph: Derrrrrrrrr...She's okay by me, then.

Rodney: How's your mother-in-law been? I know she's about to go...
Percy: Cuntastically as ever! Damn it's gonna be a relief when she finally submits; I'd rather contend with a mourner than a perpetual PMSer.
Rodney: Mazel tov!
by Texan Tile November 08, 2010

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