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30 definitions by Testicles... that is all

n.(pl. -s) Like a brainstorm, but much less activity.
pr. (-er) one who braindrizzles
v. (-ing)
Karen: I just knew we were going to have the best float in the homecoming parade, but after that braindrizzling session I'm not so sure...

Bobby: It's Becky's fault. She just sat there and didn't even make a braincloud.

Steve: Yo what's on for tonight?
Mike: I dunno... not feelin much, maybe we could braindrizzle and come up with something.
by Testicles... that is all March 04, 2011
Mark and Tina have been doin the DNA dance in hopes of conceiving a child.

I was using a rubber, but it broke and we ended up doin the DNA dance.

Chele stopped takin her pill last month, so apparently we've been doin the DNA dance... crap.
by Testicles... that is all February 10, 2011
Worse than supercancer or supercanceraids. But still a made up disease to poke fun at the fact that pretty much everything you do will either give you cancer, aids, or syphillis. Mainly cancer.
Dude, Jassy's lookin hot today!

Look but don't touch man, she's been around Vegas several times - she got the supercancersyphillaids. Make yo dick hang sideways and then some.
by testicles... that is all August 04, 2011
The opposite of situational awareness. Having no clue what's going on around you. Straight-line thinking - aware of your world and its goings ons only.
Sheila almost ran over a biker because of her situational obliviousness.

Mike called the boss a stuck up turd when he was right behind him. That situational obliviousness has him working the weekend.
by Testicles... that is all April 27, 2011
A hypothetical terminal illness borne from living in excess. Known to the state of California to cause supercancersyphillaids.
I chew gum all the time; I can't wait until they find out it causes supercanceraids.

Man that pipe dope smells funny. Probably get the supercanceraids from it.
by testicles... that is all August 04, 2011
A goal sought only to satisfy one's perception of themselves, or ego.
Marty McFly often set egoals according to who called him Chicken.

Needles: What's the matter, McFly? Chicken?

Marty: Nobody -- Calls me "chicken!"

vroom vroom skrrrrrr vrooom skrrrr we've all seen it.
by Testicles... that is all July 29, 2011
One who is attracted to fake things. Implants, prostheses, blow-up dolls... all of these are levels of pseudophilia.
"Just because I like my fleshlight more than the real thing doesn't make me a pseudophile!"

"Actually, that's EXACTLY what makes you a pseudophile..."
by Testicles... that is all August 08, 2012