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30 definitions by Testicles... that is all

Using empty boxes, bags, bottles, etc. to fill with garbage before actually throwing them (and the garbage) away, rather than recycling them and waiting for them to be reincarnated as a box, bag, or bottle made from recycled goods.
Clerk: "Would you like a bag?"
Customer: "Yes please. I don't really need it to carry this stuff, but I'll be precycling it because my bathroom trash can is full and consequently needs a new liner."
Clerk: "How very clever of you. Is that really a word?"
Customer: "Urban Dictionary thinks so, so... yes."
by testicles... that is all October 10, 2009
24 1
Acronym meaning "Too Long For Text"

Typically used when 160 characters-or-less just won't cut it, four of the characters are used to write tlft and imply that the epic story will be conveyed in a higher-capacity medium e.g. vocally, electronically mailed (or "e-mailed"), instant messaged (IM'd), etc. One can also be slightly redundant in the same text and follow "tlft" with "tell you later."
Text 1: So what happened after you left the bar w/ that pornstar lookin chick?

Text 2: Well we got back to her place and started makin out. Then her roommate came home and... fuck man tlft, tell you when I see you later.

Text 3: Yea or I'm sure I'll read about it in Penthouse.


Text 1: So what's this Unified Field Theory or whatever of yours again?

Text 2: First, ass clown, it's Grand Unification Theory and second, tlft.

Text 3: I anticipate uber boredom. Please wait til I've had a few shots... of heroin.
by Testicles... that is all March 25, 2010
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When a guy has herpes, the clap, chlamydia (or another "burning STD"), or any combination of std's, and sleeps with a girl, the morning after (or shortly after) she will have a burning situation in her nethers. This is known as a "burns donut."
(Next morning after doin tha nasty)
Glen: "Morning babe, want a burns donut?"

Martha: "What's a burns donut?"

Glen: "I have herpes. Burns, don't it?"
by testicles... that is all October 29, 2009
23 2
Fancy way of saying "Outside the box thinking." I'm putting it on here before it makes it's way into the corporate world like such phrases as "going forward," "in interim," and "outside the box."
Joe: We've got to ship these orders, and UPS has already come today! What will we do???

Steve: Use some circumboxive ideology, Joe. FedEx hasn't arrived yet. Use them. Or the UPS store is open all day. Jeesh.
by testicles... that is all October 01, 2009
24 3
Describing being in the state of parentnoia... basically you're worried you're about having a baby that you didn't plan for, that you don't really want, and/or that you don't believe that you can manage.
You know what they call guys who pull out? Parents.

Staci: I can't drink tonight. I'm a little parentnoid, and I don't want my baby I don't want to have fetal alcohol syndrome; it reduces its market value.

A wise man said, "The abstinent man is never parentnoid."
He failed to mention that the abstinent man is never fulfilled either, and his penis eventually packs its balls up and moves out.
Jeebus never had sex, and thus was never parentnoid.
by testicles... that is all October 03, 2007
25 4
1.) A milder form of swamp ass, sometimes caused by a trickle of backsweat down the crack, usually on a female, can be very sexy and make you want to do butt.
2.) Early-morning swamp ass
3.) A classier term for swamp ass

Incidentally it is easier to encode "dew butt" into common speech to signify that your ass is sweaty to knowledgeable listeners.
Gent 1: Dear me, but I'm afraid there is a wetness in the crack of my bum!

Gent 2: Ah yes, with the heat and humidity being as it is, I fear I too have the dew butt.

When girls get dew butt that means no lube necessary.
by Testicles... that is all June 22, 2010
22 2
Empty boxes/bags/bottles that are used as trash receptacles before you actually throw them away, rather than waiting on the recycling process to return them to you.
Instead of needlessly buying trash bags, Michael used precycled goods in the form of grocery sacks to furnish his trash can liners.
by Testicles... that is all October 10, 2009
22 4