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3 definitions by TeslaCoilGirl

AP Human Geography A slightly interesting but utterly useless AP course taken by mainly ninth graders thought up by College Board. Most colleges don't look at it, and it's only use is if you get an A in it, you get a weighted 6 for your weighted GPA, which colleges don't look at either. (They look at unweighted, so if you do terrible in it, you're fucked)
Guy 1: I got a 5 on my APHG test!
Guy 2: Who cares? It's an easy course.
Guy 1: At least there's the credit.
Guy 2: Colleges don't look at that.
Guy 1: At least I have the weighted GPA.
Guy 2: Colleges don't look at that either.
Guy 1: At least I have an A.
Guy 2: You could have saved the trouble and taken a regular course.
Guy 1: At least it was interesting.
Guy 2: That's opinionated, and is an invalid argument.
by TeslaCoilGirl July 27, 2012
This stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is used by sending an electrical current through particular parts of the body to block pain in chronic pain situations. Some people use this as a fetish object, where they use the TENS machine to shock various parts of themselves for pleasure (see electrophilia)
Football player: My back hurts.
Doctor: I'm going to put you on this TENS machine for a while, so that it will block the pain.

Sally: I like shocking myself.
Guy: WTF? Well, how do you do it?
Sally: I hook myself up to this TENS machine. It feels stronger than a violet wand, and I like it!
by TeslaCoilGirl July 21, 2012
To get off by anything to do with electronics, esp. shocking one's self, mainly in the genital areas. It is thought that this action is pleasurable. Different people have different limits to the electrophilia. Some people enjoy a gentle tickling, while others love intense pain from it, which is why sometimes this fetish is related to BDSM. Some people use home built machines to do the job, others use TENS machines. There's also a device called the violet wand in which is not that powerful, and is usually used with people that don't like strong currents, or people that don't know much about electricity. There are the obvious dangers of electrophilia, including a risk of burns, paralysis, and electrocution. One that has electrophilia is called an electrophile.
Guy 1: I just walked in on Sally shocking herself in her genitals!
Guy 2: Oh, Sally has electrophilia. She gets off to getting shocked.

Guy 1: Doesn't that hurt?
Sally (done shocking herself): No, I find it rather pleasurable.
by TeslaCoilGirl July 20, 2012