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Break-up Cake (N) - 1. A cake presented as a gift after a break-up. A Break-up Cake may be decorated with parting words, or a hateful message. Break-up Cakes with hateful messages are usually returned to the givers face. A Break-up Cake may be a cookie cake.
K: Did you hear about Mike and Jessi?
L: No, what happened?
K: He broke up with her using a Break-up Cake.
L: Really? Well, I suppose that is precisely when a girl really wants some Cake.
K: Very true!
by Terry Burnettersumthing January 31, 2011
A mandatory party in which upon arrival everyone must have sex immediately. Occasionally thrown to as a pre-test to the completion of a Sex Education course.
Bob: Hey Kelly it's nearly the end of the semester! Are you going to the Mandatory Sex Party tonight.
Kelly: Well it IS required for a passing grade.
Bob: Sweet! I'll definitely see you there. *creepy wink*
by Terry Burnettersumthing August 25, 2010

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