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A beautiful city in WNC. It is most famous because of its queen, Her Imperial Majesty Lyza Jadis. She rules the land with an iron fist and her army of fluffy minions, at the head of which is Icebat.

All the coolest cats live there, and they play dreidel in the streets and have bonfires on the ceiling once a year in honor of the birth of Tim Burton.
It is also rumored to be the home of Christmaqwanadondica Day Man, but that's the kind of talk that gets people fucked up. All the inhabitants leave out Macaroni and Cheese for him and his lady every December fifteenth, lest he put caustic soap on them.
Also known as: A-Ville, The 'Ville, Casheville, The Ashevatican
Dorothy: "Icebat, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..."
Scarlett: "Oh Asheville, Asheville!"
by Terror of Charn December 06, 2010
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