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A webshite that all emo/scene kids use to add anyone that has had their ever-so-brief acknowledgement over the past few years. Music that's favoured by mySpace whores and what-have-you include Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Aiden, Green Day, and any band that Kerrang! is obsessed with covering these days. Other popular activities include friend competitions (in which users go at it to see who has most friends) and tacky colour schemes (most pages involve black in one way or another. Used by goths).

myspace users are also keen "leeters".

A word of advice - if you want to keep your dignity, don't go to mySpace!!
myspace user names often include the words "goth" and "chick" and anything similar.

user1: OMFG!! I have my 200th friend!! Only took about 5 minutes !!!!111!!!one!!roxXor!!
user2: whateva I have 1000 friends I pwn jOO!!
user1: u a fan of my chemical romance
user2: yes
user1: cool wanna be my friend?
user2: yes
user1: I roxXor!!

(That was but a taste of myspace. Just so you know, I can't be held responsible for any haemorraging you may have got from all those exclamation marks. Blame the illiterate emo kids on myspace.)
by Terro Rizer June 19, 2006

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