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1. Short for moderator

2. Short for modification
1. Stop trolling the forum, the mods are gonna ban you

2. Counter-Strike is my favorite Half-Life mod
by Terrazine October 09, 2011
Our first REAL black president, unlike that poser Obama. Born into poverty in the deep south (Arkansas), had an affair with a fat white woman (Monica Lewinsky), played jazz music (saxophone), and loved him his KFC and McDonalds.
During his campaign, Bill Clinton received much support from the African-American communities, for obvious reasons.
by Terrazine September 18, 2011
1. Burger King, a fast food restaurant chain.

2. Blood killer, aka crip, in reference to the two gang's rivalry

3. Bad kid, an insulting term for an unskilled player in video games, especially Halo. Similar to noob
1. Lets go eat at the BK

2. I'm Bk all day

3. Stupid Bks were dragging our team down.
by Terrazine August 23, 2011
The colloquial usage of non-standard words, commonly used by "ghetto" and "hip" individuals. Slang is notorious for degrading the quality of a language, but yet also evolves it. In fact, most of the words you and I use were probably not in the first dictionary.

However, slang does not mean to sell drugs. Many think that in Dem Franchize Boyz song "White Tee", they reference drug trafficking using the word "slang" (I bang in my white tee, I slang in my white tee). Rather, slang (verb) mean to front someone by using slang words to insult them, and "bang" referring to gangbanging.
Modern language would be horrendously incomplete without slang.

Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Romanian are all slang versions of Latin.
by Terrazine October 11, 2011
Can stand for many things, including:

1. Command Post (Star Wars Battlefront)

2. Control Point (Team Fortress 2, basically the same thing as definition #1)

3. Civil Protection (Half-Life 2)

4. Club Penguin
1. Capture that CP before the enemy regroups!

2. Example above^

3. CP units heading your way, Dr. Freeman

4. Go on CP tonight, I'll be on.
by Terrazine August 30, 2011
1. Short for OverPowered, as in a weapon or unit that is too powerful

2. Something that should be nerfed

3. Something that noobs complain about whenever they get pwned by it

4. An acronym that does NOT stand for original poster
1. Dude, that is way too Op

2. Bungie nerfed the needler gun in Multiplayer, because people were complaining it was OP

3. (Getting raped by mass Zerglings in Starcraft)
Zerglings... So OP...
by Terrazine August 30, 2011
How retarded people spell pwn. The word pwn is a typo of the word own, so spelling it pone is just idiotic.
Noob: We poned their team in Counter Strike

Average Person: It's spelled pwned, idiot.

Noob: No, it's spelled pone. Why would it be spelled with a "w"?

Average Person: Because it's a typo of own, and it came from Warcraft III.

Noob: Whatever
by Terrazine August 26, 2011

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