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(Noun): license plates given out by the state of Minnesota when you have multiple DUI's. They start with a "w" and suck in the most awful of ways, as it causes police to stop you more frequently to see if you are boozed up.
Chris: woaaaaah, looks like you got another DUI!
Kim: yeah, they are making me have whiskey plates now.
Chris: sounds like it's time to go pro and get drunk at home!
by Tequila Mockingbird May 14, 2008
When someone is giving a blowjob, and because of too much booze or other reason vomits on the cock. similar to the kentucky oasis
Tony: dude, you smell fucking rancid!

Matt: yeah, she drank too much last night at the bar, and then gave me a Kentucky Pole Washing
by Tequila Mockingbird September 12, 2008
A guy that tries to get involved in sex between a couple, usually in a sneaky fashion. He is not opposed to dp to get in between aforementioned sex, because as everyone knows, dp (whether softcore or otherwise) as long as balls dont touch, you arent homosexual
Tony: sooo, youre girl is looking pretty hot tonight...

Shawn: dude, stop being a dick weasel; we arent having a threesome
by Tequila Mockingbird August 25, 2008
(Noun) cock that is so perfect in every way (size, shape, taste) and can fuck so good as to give an out-of-this-world orgasm, it's as rare and special as moon rocks.
Chris: Ohhhh sweet jesus i can't wait to see john again!
Sara: Why's that?
Chris: cause he has a total moon cock!
by Tequila Mockingbird March 05, 2008

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