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(1) Letting out a SBD (Slient But Deadly) fart, right before leaving a room. This works best at a birthday party, but can be done anywhere.
Double points if the party is really boring.
This creates a gift for them. A fart gift.

(2) Giving someone a "fart in a box", as in farting into a box and quickly shutting it and taping out fresh air.

(3) Farting in someones face. Say you have a present for them, and then you fart in there face.
(1) Chase- "Oh man, this is a boring party"

Miles- "No kidding"

Chase- "Lets get going"

Miles- "Ok. Lets leave a farting Gift!"

Chase- "Yeah! *High fives Miles"

Both- *Let out a Silent But Deadly fart, then run*

(2) Travis- *Farts into a nice box, then quickly tapes it shut*

Rick- *Opens Travis' present*

Travis- "Haha (giggles)"

Rick- *Smells the box*

Travis- *LOLs*

Rick- "Ew! Ew!! Ugh!"
Rick- "Ew! Ew! EWWW!! Holy crap! Yuck!"

Travis- *ROFL*

(3) Patrick- "Hey, Bill!"

Bill- "What?"

Patrick- "I got you a present"

Bill- "Really? Thanks bud!"

Patrick- "Ok, close your eyes"

Bill- *Closes eyes*
by Temari's gurl June 22, 2009

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